A solar system is effectively a large piece of equipment generating electricity positioned mostly on people’s rooftops.  We highly recommend an annual maintenance check to ensure your system is operating safely, correctly and performing at its best.

Solar power production can be significantly reduced by:

–      Dirt & dust
–      Leaf litter and bird droppings
–      Ash from chimneys
–      Shading

In fact, really dirty solar panels can produce up to 20% less than clean panels and rain will not properly clean solar panels, just as rain will not clean your car.

Johnstone Electrical & Sunvalley Solar’s comprehensive Solar System Inspection and Cleaning Service is carried out by our tradesmen and includes much more than a panel clean:

–       Check of isolator electrical connections and inverter shutdown and startup.
–       On roof check of panel fixing and weatherproofing from original installation.
–       Cleaning of solar panels and written report noting any recommendations.
–       Record of output and report any faults to customer.

We can place you on our scheduled fee-based solar maintenance client list and contact you annually if required.

Solar System Repairs

Has your existing solar system stopped working or has other issues?

Can’t find your original sales company or installer to fix the problem?

Inferior materials or poor installation can cause issues with a solar system.  If you suspect there is a problem and it is within your warranty period, you should contact the business you bought the system from.  If you are unable to locate them, give us a call.

Johnstone Electrical & Sunvalley Solar can inspect your solar system onsite and provide a solution. Whether its new wiring or new inverter required, we can get your solar system up and running again.  We highly recommend a scheduled Sunvalley Solar Inspection & Clean Service at least annually to ensure your system is working at its best.

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