An Off Grid / Stand Alone solar system (or remote power system) can be used from small scale applications such as caravans/camping through to larger systems such as houseboats and sheds, homes and businesses.

Bringing an electricity supply to a new home or shed site via the normal supply method can be costly. Once connected, there is also the ongoing cost of electricity consumption and service charges. Off Grid / Stand Alone solar systems designed and installed correctly and well maintained, can offer a cost effective alternative with little to no carbon footprint and minimal ongoing expense.

For an Off Grid solar system design and installation to work effectively, it is imperative to have an accurate and detailed load profile, as there is no back-up grid supply to “top up” your power needs. However, generators can be used for high loads or backup after pro-longed extreme weather conditions.

Effective system design and installation is a specialised field and requires extensive knowledge and training. Our Off Grid solar system design and quote incurs a $300 charge as it takes many hours to produce. It includes consultations with the owner, site inspection, design and quote with the $300 charge being refundable on purchase of the system.

We only use quality components to ensure longevity of your investment. Each Off Grid / Stand Alone solar system is individual and we develop long term partnerships with clients through maintenance and backup service.

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